Summer in and around Beaver Valley is lush and green, teaming with life. It’s no wonder that the Irish and Scotts settled the Grey-Bruce area since it so resembles the beauty of their native lands. Bubbling springs feed the headwaters of Ontario’s most notable rivers such as the Beaver, Boyne, Saugeen, Sydenham, Bighead, Nottawasaga, and Grand. They nourish the magnificent forest stands of maple, beech, birch, ash, spruce, cedar and pine, as well as grazing pastures and fields of hay, grain, and corn. The Bruce Trail follows the edge of the valley’s Niagara Escarpment, one of the thirteen UNESCO World Biosphere Reserves in Canada.

Summers are typically a nice balance of warm sunny days and quenching rains. Extreme weather is not a stranger to our area, which experiences numerous thunder storms coming off of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay with some spawning devastating tornadoes.

Uncharacteristically, 2012 was the driest in memory. While our streams and rivers managed to maintain their flow from aquifer fed groundwater springs, ponds relying on rain and run-off dried up and the farm community suffered as a result of the seemingly endless drought.

Two works, in progress, are featured in my Summer Gallery. Many more are planned and will commence shortly. Fall snuck up on me and got in the way.

 Finished - Campsite on the Boyne River

Campsite on the Boyne River

1 - Boyne River at the Campsite

Boyne River at the Campsite


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