Hummingbird and Hollyhocks

Hummingbird and Hollyhocks

Oil on Stretched Canvas

Canvas 6 inches by 18 inches



Alex loves anything and everything that is hummingbird. We have hummingbird porcelain statues, plates, cups, teapots, wooden carvings, pictures, and many other forms.

One day this past summer, Alex frantically called me to join her in the shed, which is the grand entrance to our Home. Thinking she was hurt, I ran out to see what happened. She pointed me to frenzied hummingbird trying to make its way out of the shed. Tracking its harrowing flight, I followed it to where it landed to rest on a windowsill. It was amazing. I’ve never seen a stationary hummingbird. What happened next was nothing short of remarkable, miraculous and something I’m sure very few people have experienced. I reached down and without any resistance on its part; I gently picked up the hummingbird and placed it in the palm of my hand. We actually stared at each other as I slowly walked out of the shed. Once outside, the hummingbird lifted itself up and flew off. I will never, never, never forget this experience and replay it in my mind often.

This work features a ruby-throated hummingbird feeding on hollyhocks. Our flower garden, consistently visited by hummingbirds, is rampant with hollyhocks from seeds originating from Ukraine, the country of both Alex’s and my heritage.


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