Old Baldy

Oil on Stretched Canvas

36 inches by 24 inches



How can any local artist resist creating a painting depicting Beaver Valley’s most famous landmark? So, here’s Old Baldy in full autumn plumage.

After realizing that Old Baldy wasn’t going to be appearing in Beaver Valley Panorama, I was pondering how I would feature this landmark. Then, during my daily routine of checking the weather for Markdale on The Weather Network, I spotted a beautiful photograph of Old Baldy, taken at its base, posted by Nadine Wark. I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve always seen the landmark from the top of the valley and had no idea of how to get to the vantage point at its base. So, several days later I started on a quest to find the location. I started off taking in Eugenia Falls, a very likely candidate for a future work. Driving north on Grey Road 13, I kept peering to the east to spot Old Baldy. Much to my surprise, as I pulled into Kimberley, there it was. I’ve driven through Kimberley hundreds of times and never realized it was at the base of Old Baldy. In a vacant lot for sale just north of the library, I found what I was looking for and took it all in.

As with all my works in progress, you’ll be able to follow their progression to completion. The image above shows the latest state of the work, while the images below follow the work from beginning to end.


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