Beaver Valley Panorama

Finished - Beaver Valley Panorama


Oil on Stretched Canvas

Canvas 72 inches by 20 inches



After moving to our farm over twenty years ago, whenever guests arrived who haven’t previously been, we inevitably include a trip to the top of the former Talisman Ski Resort, which is just minutes down the road from our farm. What happens next is routine. The spectacular beauty of the panoramic view floors them and I respond to their awes with a statement that I’m going to make a painting of this scene. Well, after years of replays, I can now say that I AM painting this scene.

As with all my works in progress, you’ll be able to follow their progression to completion. The image above shows the latest state of the work, while the images below follow the work from beginning to end.

The first image below shows the very beginning of the work – an outline for the start of the foundation layer. Done on site, it provides reference points for the dozens of photos taken to support completing the work. The work extends from Georgian Bay in the left to past Old Baldy on the right. Sideroad 7B and 7A is visible in the centre.

Okay, here come the excuses. It was a windy and cold day when I did the outline. Besides, a six foot long canvas should’ve been more than enough to cover the desired panorama. Alas, it was not. As I referred to dozens of photographs before beginning the foundation, it became evident that I was going to fall short. So, do I start at Georgian Bay and cut off Old Baldy or start at Old Baldy and cut off Georgian Bay? I decided on the former. As a result of my decision, I’m doing a work of Old Baldy, front and centre. The second image below shows the completed foundation.

3 - Beaver Valley Panorama

4 - Beaver Valley Panorama5 - Beaver Valley Panorama (Adjusted)

Finished - Beaver Valley Panorama


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