Fall in and around Beaver Valley is nothing less than spectacular and breathtaking. Nearly every colour of the rainbow is represented in the landscape, dominated by fiery reds, bright oranges, and brilliant yellows amongst a backdrop of greens. Although fall lingers until the first snowfall, the kaleidoscope of colours often does not. Several frosts, coupled with strong winds, can alter the landscape into a restful and sleepy grey, dotted with hues of green.

The fall of 2012 has indeed been a breathtaking experience. The spectacular colours lasted for nearly four weeks until a series of sequential frosts, followed by wind and rain, brought the leaves down. The result was an equally spectacular colourful groundcover, lasting several days before the leaves began their inevitable decay. Racing against the coming of winter, my wife, Alexandra (Alex) and I are waiting for a warm and sunny day to engage in our annual rite of sowing thousands of cloves of garlic in order to reap a harvest of thousands of garlic bulbs in the summer. You reap what you sow.

There are seven works in progress included in my Fall Gallery. More are in the planning stage depicting leaf-off fall scenes. By far, my favourite landscapes feature fields and colourful trees lit up by brilliant sunshine against a foreboding backdrop of a coming rainstorm.

Finished - After the Barley Harvest

After the Barley Harvest

2 - Sideroad 7A

Sideroad 7A

1 - Majectic Maples

Majestic Maples

1 - Majectic Maple

Majestic Maple

1 - Old Baldy

Old Baldy

Finished - Beaver Valley PanoramaBeaver Valley Panorama

1 - Saugeen at Grey 12

Saugeen at Grey 12


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