Art has been my passion for my entire life. As many aspiring artists have concluded over their lifetime, it’s great to have the talent and desire, but how can I make a living at it. As one of those aspiring artists, the pursuit of being an artist has always taken a back seat to monetary-driven career goals, until now. Today, as a cofounder of a firm providing land asset management software and with all the economical challenges of a start-up business, I’ve made a decision to also earnestly pursue my God-given desire and talent.

I live near Beaver Valley in the Municipality of Grey Highlands, Grey County, Ontario, Canada. As with all God’s creation, there’s no lack of subject matter for an artist. Accustom to painting from memory and referencing photographs, this past summer I decided to paint on-site. What totally amazed me was how quickly and dramatically the landscape was constantly changing. The high noon bright highlights on the forest canopy soon morphed into deep shadows cast by the sun’s descent. During the course of just hours, the same scene could have been captured on canvas in multiple ways. Add to this changes in weather and the seasons, I came to the awesome realization that I could spend my lifetime painting just one landscape scene and never come up with two paintings alike. So, I’m back to augmenting my on-site painting with visions etched in my memory; however, with a much greater appreciation of how wondrous creation really is. I never copy photographs, using them only as reference points  for triggering rich impressions.

I hope you enjoy viewing my paintings and may even decide to purchase a particular one. I’ve categorized my landscape paintings according to the four seasons and included a separate category for fish and wildlife paintings. In addition to completed works, you’re able to follow the progress of paintings underway. Thank you for taking a look. Inquiries and comments are always welcome and appreciated.

Spring Banner

Spring Gallery

Summer Banner

Summer Gallery

Fall Banner

Fall Gallery

Winter Banner

Winter Gallery

Fish and Wildlife Banner

Fish and Wildlife Gallery


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  1. Hi George, fancy meeting you here. I knew your Father painted but I never knew you shared his passion. Hope all is well with you. I’ve been retired 6 1/2 years and am thoroughly enjoying it and my 8 grandchildren. Take care, Jeanne

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