Super Storm Sandy Preparation and Aftermath

Monday night, in preparation for Sandy, I moved the cars out of our parking lot so that they’d be far from our huge spruce trees, brought anything that could possibly be blown away into our shed, and closed and secured the shed doors.

I woke up Tuesday morning at 1:00 AM. The wind was howling and sheets of rain were beating against the windows. Also, no power. In a partially awakened state, I scurried in the dark down the stairs to get a flashlight and then further down the stairs to check the basement sump pump drain. To my relief, there was no rush of water. Notwithstanding, as I laid awake for most of the night concerned about it, I became convinced for the need to get a battery back-up for the sump pump.

In the morning, still no power. Alex, my wife, called Hydro One on her cell phone and was told that the power would be restored by noon. So, it’s off to Mac’s in Markdale to get coffee. As I drove down our lane-way in the pouring rain with our two dogs, Charlie and his daughter Violet who collectively weigh almost 300 pounds, I didn’t notice Alex running after the SUV to tell me the power was restored. However, as I drove down Grey 12 to Markdale, I did wonder why all the farmhouses were lit up.

With the exception of debris here and there, I didn’t notice any substantial damage because of Sandy. When I arrived at Mac’s, it was very clear that I was not the only one in need of a caffeine fixation and we all waited patiently as the store clerk rushed to brew enough coffee to meet our demand.

Needless to say, when I got home with a substantial supply of coffee, I found Alex had long finished hers.

One thing that Sandy did accomplish was to blow every last leaf hanging on any tree. So today, I did some scouting for Fall leaf-off landscape scenes. I’m leaning towards a painting rendition of the photograph below of the Rocky Saugeen River at Grey 12.

Another thing that Sandy has accomplished is day after day of rain and cloud cover. I don’t like photographing my works and works in progress with artificial lighting. So, anxiously awaiting some sunlight I AM.


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