From a very early age, art has been an important part of my life. Throughout the years however, it has largely been a secondary pursuit of mine giving priority to a diverse career in the public and private sectors. At this point in my life, my passion for art is at the forefront of my activities and I trust will remain so for many years to come.

I primarily paint with oils on stretched canvas with a love for landscape, as well as fish and wildlife themes. Having experienced life on a farm near the top of Beaver Valley for the last twenty years, there’s no lack of subject matter for my works given the beauty, diversity, and richness of the surrounding environment.

My work is meticulously detailed. However, they are by no means reproductions of photographs. Although I often refer to photographs I have taken when painting, it’s to recall my feelings and perception of the particular scene. In executing my work, I accentuate those features of the scene that stimulated my emotions while downplaying the mundane.

At any point in time, I have at least ten to twenty works on the go. Most of these are merely foundation layers. Although they appear very vague to the viewer, I have already completed them in my mind’s eye and merely need to execute what has been vividly etched in my memory. I focus on completing three of those at a time. This approach works well insofar as my technique requires that background layers adequately dry prior to applying successive foreground layers.

Although so many of my works over the years are lost to viewing, being in the hands of private collectors, I have now begun to photograph my works. On this Website, you can follow the progress of works underway, as well as the successive stages of completed works.


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